Spotlight: Peony

the female tonic

Introducing White Peony. This herb is a key part of our newest tea the system soother. System soother is a tea that helps support our bodies no matter what the world throws at us. Whether it is environmental toxins, stress, viruses, sickness, overindulging or just feeling blah, system soother uses a combination of herbs to support our bodies detoxification systems so that we can process all of these things, take what we want from them and then let the rest go. It is perfect for the change of seasons, stressful times at work, big nights out on the town, holiday celebrations or any of those morning after days. Just sit down, sip some tea and let your body do the rest.

While it is the combination of herbs that make this tea blend so exciting and nourishing, each of the herbs in this tea on their own each have a unique function that helps support our bodies. Today we are going to delve a bit deeper into how white peony positively impacts our bodies.

Peonies are such a special plant. They bloom each spring and burst open with their giant blossoms and brilliant colours. Their blossoms are so big that their stalk can barely support them. You will often see the plants leaning over with the blossoms almost touching the ground if they are not supported by an external factor in some way.  These giant blossoms can remind of us the way our minds and heads some times weigh down the rest of our body. In this way it makes sense that peony is a plant that helps to support our nervous system.

White peony root is thought to have calming and mood balancing effects nourishing our overwhelmed nervous systems directly. This plan is also considered an adaptogen helping to support us in times of stress. By helping our bodies to fend off stress it also has an indirect action on the nervous system. It prevents stress from depleting our bodies and nerves.

White peony also has a special affinity for women. It can help support women through different hormonal concerns and exhaustion. From a Chinese Medical perspective white peony root helps to build up blood and Qi. These are things that get depleted (especially in women) leaving them exhausted and overwhelmed. It’s soothing impacts on the nervous system can also help with physical pain. By calming down the mind and body white peony can decrease cramps and menstrual cramps. In addition this plant is both anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic. This further helps combat any cramps in the body. Furthermore peony can stimulate circulation and help decrease congestion in the body especially pelvic congestion. This makes it extremely beneficial for many female reproductive conditions.

While white peony has specific affinity for women, this does not mean that it isn’t a beneficial herb for all genders. This is especially true when it is used in combination in a tea such as our new system soother. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. Otherwise definitely give our new tea a try. I promise that you won’t be disappointed. <3

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