Other Services

What sets PHASES tea blends apart is that we are more than just a tea company. Our goal is to help support each and every one of you through the phases and days of your life. We do this by offering both curated tea blends as well as custom tea blends that are made to order. This can be done for a group event such as conferences, weddings, or any event that may have a loot bag. We can also curate individual blend for personal use. We are more than happy to create custom labels and tea names for each of the unique blends or events.

We try to support our customers both through creating teas that can nourish their physical and mental body but also through educating individuals on how each of the plants and herbs in the tea are benefitting them. This can be done through one-on-one sessions, or through organized events. We are proud to offer our signature workshops “What’s In your Tea?” This workshop focuses on a group of our herbs of your choosing. Our Naturopathic Doctor Alexandra Sisam, takes the group through each of the herbs teaching about their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual properties while allowing each of the participants to interact with the herbs at the same time. This includes observing the herb, feeling it, tasting it etc. The goal is to allow us to get back to our roots and connect with the plants that we drinking and that are supporting us. At the end of the workshop each participant is able to make their own custom tea blend from the herbs that were discussed to take home. These workshops can be done at home for a group of friends or in the workplace. For more information or if you have any questions please visit our contact us page. We would love to help you our in any way that we can.