About Us

PHASES tea blends was born out of a love for peppermint tea. Growing up Donna found a love for peppermint tea that she instilled in her daughters at a young age. It soon became common knowledge that  a warm cup of peppermint tea was the cure for heartache, stress, indigestion, sore throat and so much more. 

While the love of tea began with peppermint it has expanded far beyond that. As Alexandra studied to become a Naturopathic Doctor her eyes were opened to the world of herbs and how they can be used in the form of tea to support the human body. The truth is, just as it always has been, that the natural world is here to support us just as we aim to support them. Each of the Phases tea blends made from herbs of the Earth are here to support us as human beings living on this planet at this time.

No matter what you are going through we have a blend for you. Whether you are exhausted, overworked, anxious, overstimulated, irritable or sore, Phases tea blends is here to support you in all the phases and all of the days of your life. We are proud to offer  a collection of signature tea blends specially curated by Alexandra and Donna as well as custom blends that are made to fit each of your individual needs.

Visit our shop to check out our curated blends and what we have to offer. For more information on our custom blends please feel free to Contact Us or check out our other services to learn about what we do. We are here to support you always.

with love always,

Alexandra and Donna